About us

What is Mapness.io?

Put a personalised city map in your life

Hello! We are Paula and Sergio, and we welcome you to our little project.

Why have we created an online store of personalised decorative maps?

The truth is that everything came up very naturally. We are a young couple and we love to travel. We wanted to have a beautiful and unique memory of the cities we visited, and we came up with the idea of ​​creating a map for each city and hanging them around the house.

Then we create our first custom map poster and hang it in the living room of the house. When our family and friends came, they fell in love with the map and the idea, and many asked us if we could create a map for them.

This is how in mid-2017 we came up with the idea of ​​creating our own online store so that everyone could design a map easily and simply.

You can create a map of Paris, London, New York, Rome ... of any city in the world, including world maps, but the most beautiful thing about this project is that each map is unique and different from the rest, because you can personalize it with a special message, the exact coordinates of the place where you met your partner, where they asked you to marry, where you gave them the first kiss...

Every time you see the picture hanging on the wall of your room you will remember the beautiful moments you spent in that place ... so you know, put a personalised city map in your life :)

We hope you like our project!

Paula & Sergio

What is Mapness.io?

Mapness.io is a website where you can create a customized map in a very simple way.

When you have just customized your map, we will print it and send it directly to your home.

Easy, right?

Our editor

Our editor allows you to customize the map with any city in the world (you can choose your favorite place by moving the map, as if you were in Google Maps).

In addition, you can enter the text that you want to make it really unique.

Finally, you can choose between some design options and size.

The final result

To print the maps we use paper of high grammage of 180 gr. getting a fantastic quality.

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