Join our ambassadors program

Monetize your blog or your social media platforms by recommending our store and get commission for each order that is placed!

What is the ambassadors program?

The ambassadors program gives you the opportunity to monetize your blog and social media platforms.

As a collaborator, we will give you a €5 discount coupon for your followers and, in exchange for recommending our store, you will get excellent commission for every order made with your discount coupon.

What’s more, as a collaborator you will have access to your private area, where you’ll be able to check the orders that have been placed and the money you have earned at any time.

I want to register

How to register?

  • 1 Fill out the contact form above
  • 2 We will review your application and get in touch
  • 3 You will receive the discount coupon for your followers along with various items such as banners and images for you to use on your website and social media platforms.
  • 4 Once you have published the discount coupon for your followers to see, you can start viewing your income from the collaborators’ private area by logging in with your email and password.

Who is the ambassadors program aimed at?

The ambassadors program is specially designed for those who meet the following conditions:

  • If you have a travel or decorating blog or any related website
  • If you publish content related to travel or decorating on your social media platforms.

What commission will you earn as an affiliate?

You’ll start off by earning 8% commission on every order that is linked to your account.

The more you recommend us, the higher your commission will be!

How are your followers’ orders linked to your account?

Once you register, we will assign you an affiliate code. This code can be used as a €5 discount coupon. You can share your affiliate code (or your custom link) and when orders start coming in, they will be automatically linked to your account so you can receive commission.

You’ve won me over!

I want to register

Are you looking to collaborate in a different way?

If you are looking for a different way to collaborate with us and our ambassadors program does not suit you, send an email to telling us about your idea.

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